Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The battle to maintain your privacy online is ongoing and it seems like it will continue in the upcoming decades as well. The surveys show that there have been a large number of data breach incidents that have compromised a number of personal records like names, addresses, credit card numbers and social security numbers. The occurrence of many of such cases is blamed to poor security practices and silly errors. Such an incident took place where the St. Vincent Breast Center in Indianapolis mistakenly sent 63,000 mails to the wrong people about the upcoming appointments containing their names, addresses and other information.

There is a huge increase of 21 percent in this year’s data breach incidents as compared to the last year’s breaches for the same span of time. If you take the number of breaches, there were 395 incidents of data breach till now in 2014 which is 21 percent more as compared to the last year for the same amount of time. People trust the companies to whom they give their personal details and do not make any effort to intact their security. But, you have to keep your data password protected using the reliable and user friendly, data security software Folder Lock.

It does not matter if you are a student, a housewife, an employee or an entrepreneur, you have some information stored in your database that hackers would like to steal. When big companies suffer data breach incidents, they suffer the loss of trust of their customers, which is unarguably the biggest blow for them. On the other hand, people whom records have been compromised are likely to be the target of hackers. They will use your leaked information to make you a prey of fraud that will haunt you for weeks, months or years. Irrespective of how company secure your information, you need to protect your privacy diligently.
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