Monday, 18 November 2013

The Android Operating System that has the lion's share of nearly 80 percent of the market and the rest is shared by the other Operating Systems. In the last year of 2012 and the quarter of 2013, almost 187.4 million Android phones shipped; on the other hand only 31.2 million iPhones were shipped that is merely 13.2 percent of the market share. Windows Phone OS powered phones were the least to be delivered with just 8.7 million units that is 3.7 percent share of the market. Android and iOS are ruling the market of Smartphone at the moment, but, Windows Phone OS is also making room for them in the market.
The sales of Windows Phones have reached its highest level in the three month period ending in July. Windows Phone’s market has been increased up to 8.2 percent in some of the big European countries like the United Kingdom, France and even Germany. The citizens of countries such as; Australia, Mexico and some other countries are opting for Windows Phone and have got almost the 12 percent of the market share. In the presence of iOS and Android, it seems like there is no other Operating System available in the market. But, Windows Phone is emerging as a strong contender to take over the market of the Operating System.
The reason for Windows Phone’s success is its UI, stability and security. Android has quite some loopholes that in the end contribute in data breaches. Whereas, Windows Phone is quite efficient in securing data and Folder Lock for Windows Phone increases its efficiency even more. The new users who are switching to smart phones are opting for Windows Phone as it is the most user friendly OS and is available in a vast variety of devices. Almost 42 out of 100 first time Smartphone buyers are going for Windows Phone, this percentage is much higher than of Android or iOS.
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