Thursday, 23 January 2014

Password Protect Folder 

Running a small business is certainly no small job – especially if you don’t have expert help who can assist you in running your small business. In addition, it is likely that one of your biggest concerns is related to IT. However, whether or not you should upgrade to windows 8 may be not be a top IT related concern – you are more likely to be concerned about your small business data ending up in the hands of criminals such as data thieves and hackers. Devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets are classified as one of the most stolen items, not just for their hardware value, but they are also valuable because of the data they contain within. Consequently, when you combine these factors with their compact size – making them easy to transport anywhere – it further increases the odds of these devices being lost or stolen.

According to data security analyst Ian Murphy, folks often neglect the security of their personal devices, as they view data security a non-issue – their justification is usually that they are extremely careful in keeping their devices secure from theft or loss. Commenting on this view, Murphy adds that: Contrary to what you may think, no matter how careful you are in securing your device, you are still human – and humans make mistakes. People often – at one point or another – forget their laptops, tablets or smart phones in their vehicles – in essence, creating opportunities for criminals and data thieves.  Murphy further adds, all it takes is one small mistake and all your business related data, such as trade secrets, HR related data such as employee social security numbers and financial data could be comprised – in turn becoming a major headache for new small business owners.
So how can small businesses protect themselves from such threats? According to Murphy, the answer is simple; all one has to do, is to set aside critical data into a separate secure drive. There is plenty of data security software which can Password Protect Folder or folders containing receptive data.  In addition, some software have built in encryption while others don’t – though Murphy emphasis that data cannot be fully secure without encryption – so it’s wiser to invest in software that capable of encrypting data.
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