Thursday, 13 November 2014

It has not been ages when people used to use fax modems to the surf the cyber world and save their data on small spaced Floppy and Compact Disks. It required extraordinary intelligence and phenomenal typing skills to break into a dataset through hacking. Now, there are sophisticated tools engineered just for the sake of stealing data and one having a fair bit of computer knowledge can learn to break the ordinary security barriers and steal your information. It is not at all necessary that a kid with high power eyesight glasses sitting in a dark room in front of a computer with all those techy gadgets is a hacker, a man sitting in a park with a laptop and an internet connection can be a lethal hacker.

The fact is that these hack attacks and the incidents of data breaches have become so common that we do not pay much of an attention towards it, even if our own information is on the verge of getting publicized. Experts have named this phenomena as data breach fatigue, it means that we have become so habitual of this terrifying thing that we do not turn our ear much to it. People tend to inform banks about getting their credit card information compromised, in return, they get a new card and the customer do not have to bear the liabilities of the breached card.

But, that is actually not the way to go. If you kept this practice, your survival is tough and you may have to suffer some real horrifying consequences. Whether individual or an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that all your information is secured diligently. In this situation, using Folder Lock is a good idea as it can easily encrypt your files and folders with ease. You just have to be wise to make sure your private information is intact.
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