Monday, 24 November 2014

Folder Lock

Press Release – Beaverton, Oregon – November-24-2014 – Since the past few years, the information security landscape has changed significantly. Criminal organizations are recruiter hackers to target private and government institutions – taking much of the responsibility for the recent high profile attacks on popular chains such as target, EBay, Ever note, Dominos pizza and others. Before 2012, there were recorded incidents of cases relating to high-profile hacking. However, as of 2012, it is recorded than nearly 20 million records have been obtained by criminals through unlawful hacking – making theft of personal information a common practice. So how do we fight back – or at least defend ourselves?
Start with setting up a strong password – strong passwords are the first line of defense, the goal is to make your password un-guessable. Never use words that are found in the dictionary, use a combination of upper and lower case letters with symbols, combined with numbers – this will ensure your password is super-strong.
Keep your data stored in a safe place – Cloud computing may seem like the best choice where you can keep your data secure, but if you really think about it, the cloud is a server that’s is located somewhere else – meaning your data is stored on someone else’s computer – which means they can access it if they want to. Moreover, data saved on a computer can also be physically accessed or remotely – if hackers want to get to your data, there’s no stopping them. Next, make sure that external drives such as flash drives and SSD drives are kept in a safe place, as they often contain the most sensitive information. One great solution that works on encrypting data on cloud, PC and USB drives is known as Folder Lock. Remember, encryption is your best friend, and is the only solution to keep your data truly secure – even if a hacker tries its best – encrypted data cannot be hacked.

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