Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Folder Lock for Android 

Press Release – November, 19, 2014 – Beaverton Oregon –Thanks to recent changes by what’s app team, it is now considered the most secure messaging app available for smart phones. This new security enhancement is a result of direct end-to-end encryption – Meaning all your text based communications are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties (such as NSA). However, the encrypted messaging is only available for Android, and is yet t be launched for iPhone.  This new security enhancement in what’s app is collaboration between open whisper systems – which specialize in creating text secure apps.  The encryption works in the sense that messages are encrypted and decrypted from the user end, so once a message is sent, it is decrypted on the other end.

 This new security enhancement is certainly sure to attract security conscious users. What’s more is the fact that what’s app has added another feature which is supposedly indicates the message status. A double blue check indicated that the message has been read.

Moving on to a different subject, besides security of messages, data privacy and data security is also a concern amongst users. For example, have you ever wished there was some way to hide your photos, videos and other documents from other users –perhaps from your wife, mom or sibling? For those who are saving sensitive information on their Android phone such as financial spreadsheets, HR data, personal tax returns (which contains your social security number) and other information that is considered extremely sensitive.  

Luckily for security conscious users, there are many apps that are designed to hide and lock personal data. However, these apps lack the much needed practical functionality or are so buggy – they cannot be used in practical situations. Nonetheless, one app that shows the same growth potential as what’s app is known as Folder Lock for Android. The app’s main objective is to lock and hide personal data such as files, folders, images, videos, credit cards information and it also has a built in secure browser. What’s unique about this app is that it is the only app for Android that bundles up all these security features into one app.

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