Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Folder Lock Pro

Those who have switched to Android from some other platform know how intimidating and alien a new interface can feel at first. Whether you are looking to switch from Blackberry, iOS or from Windows, using Android will certainly surprise you. Once you make the switch to Android, you’ll be able to rearrange icons however you like. Best of all, you’ll most likely have the option for expandable memory given that you are willing to invest in an SD card. As a new Android you’ll certainly make some stupid mistakes, highlighted below are some of the most common ones:
Setting up live wallpaper:
You’ll most likely setup live wallpaper which not only slowdown your Android device, but it will also drains your battery like hell. Secondly, it will label you a”noob” amongst Android users.
 Going crazy with widgets:
One thing you certainly won’t be able to resist is the option to setup widgets on your home screen. Most people go overboard with this, and then they begin to wonder as to why their phone has gotten slow. The key is to use only those widgets which you find absolutely useful. For example, if you often have to go outdoors, it makes sense to keep a weather widget on your home screen. The key to using Widgets is only using those that you really need – not because they look cool on your phone.
 Download every app you come across:
Another natural reaction for a noob Android user is to download every interesting app they come across on the play store. A rule of thumb is that you need not to download an app because you want it, but download an app because you absolutely need it. If for some reason, there are some apps that you feel you barely use, then delete them. 
Not using Google Now feature:
If you have the latest version of Android and you are not using Google now voice commands, you my friend are a noob. Google now is perhaps the greatest productivity tool ever invented by Google. Instead of browsing your phone to search for the app, with Google now, you can send commands which will open the app. For example, if you want to open Google maps, you launch Google Now and say “Ok Google” then say “open Google maps” and like magic, Google maps launches. You can also use it to make calls: for example if you have to call your mom all you say is: “Ok Google.”  “Call Mom” and Google now will dial the number for you – giving you vital assistance while driving or for situation when you need your hands for other things.
Not securing your personal data:
If you use a smart phone, you’re going to have personal data saved on it. However, it is likely that the thought of password-protecting that data has never crossed your mind. Your smart phone is a mobile device, and like all mobile devices – it is prone to loss or theft. Therefore, it is vital that secure it with software such as Folder Lock Pro for Android.

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