Tuesday, 4 November 2014

There is continuous increase the attacks of hackers and the reason is that they are getting strong, creative and more sophisticated in their approach. On the other hand, users are still not well educated regarding the threats that the cyber world impose on them. There are some myths that users believe by heart. Here are some of them.
I am not a target
The majority of the users underestimates themselves, they believe that their information does not worth enough to be attacked by hackers. However, the fact is that everyone that has a presence in the cyber world is a target for hackers. If you use your computer to access your bank account or log into your company’s account, you are a potential target for hackers. Today, hackers have become so clever and sophisticated that they will customize their phishing techniques  for you and try to trap you in their plot. So you are also one of the potential targets and you need to protect your information with Folder Lock. Get this reliable software at an amazing 50% discount on this Halloween by using the coupon code HEADSTONE.
I am not stupid to be a victim of phishing
It is nothing, but, overconfidence. If someone says that he can easily avoid a phishing attack, he is living in a fool’s paradise. Phishing attempts like the Nigerian prince scam or other similar well known methods can be spotted by anyone that is smart. But, the kind of approach hackers is having now, it is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to identify a phishing a attack. They will appear as the one you, they will tell you things that will make you believe that the user at the other end is someone you are well known of. He will force you to download a malicious file or click an infected link in such a way that you will fall in their trap smiling.
I avoid internet back alleys, I am safe
The computer users that proudly say that they are safe from being a victim of hackers because they only surf well known and credible websites are nothing, but, innocent. They are unaware of the fact that attacks are focusing on finding the vulnerabilities in the users’ security that are habitual of surfing respectable sites according to the latest reports. People shopping for big online stores are likely to be targeted 20 percent more than the other ones.
Begging heavily on antivirus and firewall
Antivirus software and the firewall are just a part of data security that you need to maintain. Moreover, people just keep these programs on their computer and do not update them on the regular basis, which is essential to keep the protection intact. On the other hand, some profession snoopers find their way through to the database breaching all the security barriers. That is where, Folder Lock comes handy and its encryption lockers keep you safe. This a great opportunity for you to get Folder Lock at an astounding discount of 50% on this Halloween by using HEADSTONE as the coupon code.
So, in this uncertain world of cyber, you can stay safe only by staying aware of the latest techniques used by the hackers and keeping your security tight. Other than that, avoid believing on the baseless myths that will lead you towards loss.
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