Monday, 27 October 2014

If you have seen or follow teens on the social media, you must have found them behaving inappropriately or commenting each other rather offensively. Using the “F” word, calling girls bitch or slut does not seem to be a big deal at all. So, how one knows that whether the person on the other end is joking or actually threatening, harassing or cyberbullying. Apart from that, those young kids get friendly online with people very easily and think that they have new friends on the social media or on other forums. Kids are unaware of the brutalities of the world and you have to play your role here.

As all fields of the life, parents should guide their children online as well and keep an eye on their activities. Parents need to get the privacy settings of their children’s online accounts to secure level, whether it is their personal social media accounts or some other online accounts. Educate your children regarding what activities they are supposed to perform online and what can harm them. Tell your innocent kids that talking to strangers can push them into trouble and it is not safe for them to make random friends and there is no one trustworthy in the cyber world.

Many children on the internet are observed leaking their personal information just trusting them without knowing who is on the other end. Hackers try to make young children, their friends and then ask them details like their address, phone number, parents’ occupation and similar details. Online crooks also ask them to click some malicious links or send them some infected files that can give them a free access to their database and steal data. To serve the purpose, use Folder Lock and keep your data password protected against such threats. Be smart and educate your kids.
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