Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Whether you are an employee or you yourself is an employer, there are continuously some employees joining in and some quitting for a better opportunity.  Whatever the reason of employees quitting, the employee that switch to another employer takes some valuable information of the business at least in his mind. That is why companies need to be very careful about how much access to information should be given to an employee. Being an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to lose sensitive trade secrets as it can harm your business much more than you imagine.

In order to do that, keep an eye on the information, who is using what information and on the flow of information. Make sure that you educate your workers regarding the sensitivity and importance of a company’s data, otherwise, they will leak your records in ignorance. Knowing the fact, many workers who are unaware of its importance might not do it. There are many organizations that get the contracts signed regarding trade secrets, but, there are a number of cases where employees spill out information despite of their signed bond.

The best way to keep your trade secrets a secret is by securing it. Give as little access to the data that is necessary to perform the tasks. Do not allow the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work in your office as it becomes a huge source of data breach. Other than that, make sure that the information that an employee is using to complete a report or whatever the task is, he or she is not able to copy the data. You can protect your records from getting copied by using Copy Protect. This is how you can keep all sensitive business’ facts and figures hidden from the competitors and other entities that might hurt you.
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