Monday, 20 October 2014

The current era of technology has risked the privacy of businesses along with common users. The risks that are imposed to the digitally saved files and folders are almost inevitable and people seem to be indifferent about it. Whether you are living in America, China or in an African country, you can be a potential target of it. The worst part is that this problem does not look like getting solved anywhere near, instead, the issue is getting complex and much more threatening with the time passing. If you give a glance to the statistics, you will probably have an idea of how horrifying this risk is.

Among the most common form of complaints received in the previous year are fraud’s with G’vernment's documents and identity thefts related to it. It comprises almost 34 percent of the complaints received. Other than that, frauds regarding credit cards and utilities that comprise 17 percent and 14 percent of the total complaints. On the other hand, among the overall data theft incidents, malicious attacks by online criminals are the most expensive ones as they cost almost $157 per compromised record. But, cyber criminals are not the only one to be blamed, human error is the most common channel of data breach that is responsible for almost two-thirds of these incidents.

Hackers are always looking for some loopholes in your data security and usually they find one, that is why, nearly 33.8 percent of the data thefts are a result of hack attempts. Another terrifying and hazardous fact is that many of the data theft incidents remain unknown for days. In 2012, almost 66 percent of such incidents remained undiscovered for nearly a month, which means more destruction. The early victim is known about the stolen information, the better steps he or she can take to neutralize its effects.

You will be surprised to know that as much as 77 percent of the time hackers are able to install their malware program on your system and easily get access to your information. Apart from that, hackers get hold of your records by some infectious email attachments (47%), web drives (8%), email link (5%) and remote injection by (3%). Hackers easily get access to your information by these methods and carry your records easily. However, if you have put some kind of Copy Protection on your sensitive files, they will not be able to easily copy the data and walk away. That is why, it is necessary for you to take some effective measures against these threats.

You might be thinking that you cannot be a target of such an incident or even if you become a target, you will not suffer much. So, you better see these figures that will blow your mind away. On an average, every data breach almost cost $136 throughout the world. In the US, the average data breach incident is even more expensive as it costs early $194 and a company that suffer such an incident suffer almost a loss of $5.4 million. Now, you must be terrified, if not, then you should be.
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