Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Press Release – Beaverton, Oregon – Tuesday, August 12, 2014 – With over 300,000 apps available on the Windows phone app store, plus new apps being published every day, Microsoft is seeing a steady success with its mobile operating platform. However, when looked from a competitive perspective, Android followed by iOS is leading ahead of Windows. However, those who are opposing to Windows operating mobile operating platform don’t realize that apps which are available for Android are also available for Windows Mobile. In addition, Android users don’t realize that Windows Mobile is far more secure to use than Android.   Recently, in fact, as of August 10, the most popular apps for Windows Mobile are having been one drive, Viber, Twitter, Pandora and Folder Lock.

Pandora: if you love music, you know what Pandora is all about. It is perhaps the most popular free music app you can download. The app lets you choose from millions of songs, each album is organized in genera and subgenera. The best part about this app is that despite being free, you barely notice any ad displays.
Twitter: If you like to hate blogging, but love micro blogging then twitter is what you should have on your Windows Phone.  Twitter lets you share with the world what your think (given that you use 144 characters or less). This windows phone app lets you quickly update your status message without having to login to a PC. Overall, it’s a must have app for anyone who can’t live without twitter.
One drive: One drive is an excellent cloud app with integrates well with windows phone (given that its also a Microsoft product).  The best part about one drive is that it allows users to make changes to Microsoft office files using nothing but their browser.

Viber: if you want to make free calls to loved ones without having to pay for it. Viber is what you need. It integrates with your phone number, and you can share images, text, or call other Viber users.  Its similar to what’s app but has the capability of calling other Viber users.
Folder Lock: If you are a busy executive or a professional who saves a lot of sensitive data on their Windows Phone, Folder Lock for Windows Phone is a must have app. It’s the only kind of app out there, with a professional looking interface that’s packed with data security features.

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