Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You might be an Android user or would be tempted to become an Android user seeing all the cheesy features the Google OS is offering. However, you might be reluctant to do so because of the potential threats that Android imposes users’ data security. Well, your concern is a genuine one and you should think a number of times before switching to Android or keep on going with it. But, if you are obsessed with Android, then follow your obsession and be worry free as there are security measures that will keep your Android completely safe.
One of the many reasons that makes Android OS vulnerable regarding data security is that Google Play does not have enough check and balance on the apps publishing on it. There are a number of applications that are malware and harm users’ information security and are hackers friendly. As per a research suggests, nearly 40 percent of the apps available on the Google Play are injurious to the users’ data security. It sends personal information to the crooks with permission in hidden messages and even without permission.

But, thankfully, there are some applications available for Android users that are actually a blessing for them. One of them is Folder Lock for Android that is a feature packed app and offers the user every single security barrier that is essential to keep the privacy intact. Using such application will definitely make you feel comfortable and secure while using your Android phone and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite Google’s operating system features with a peace of mind. Google is also working hard to make their OS perfect, but, they are unable to make it possible due to the freedom they offer to the hardware manufacturers to mold the OS as per their feasibility. But, now, it seems like Google to take charge of this problem and will facilitate its users with the best data security measures.

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