Tuesday, 1 April 2014

People find it difficult to face difficulty or the truth so they tend to lie more and more. They think that lying will save them from the trouble and they can easily fool anyone with their art of lying. And, they actually get away lying times and that is because many of you do not know the indications that the person talking to you is lying. Here are some of signs that you might notice that the person in front of you is lying.
Eye Contact
If you are talking to a person and he is not maintaining eye contact with you, it is the sign that he might be lying. If the liar is aware of the fact that he has to maintain the eye contact in order fool you, he may stare at your face in the most awkward manner that will give you an obvious sign that the person is not stating the facts. The reason of such odd staring is his/her effort of maintaining eye contact deliberately.
Use of Contractions
Another thing that you might notice is that when a person is lying, he would avoid the use of contractions. For example, if the person is saying “I didn’t spend my money on gambling” he would say “I did NOT spend my money on gambling”. He will try to emphasis on the part he is lying about as in the example the liar is emphasizing on NOT.
The Exaggerated Information
You can figure out that the person is lying to you if he is providing the unnecessary information. In order to prove his or her statement right, the liar provides needless information that he thinks it could support his lie and give it a pinch of concreteness. This redundant groundless information may backfire to the liar. If you ask that person to repeat the whole story he has stated, he will find difficulty in doing so and story he will tell later may contradict with the first one.
Eye Movements
The normal reflex of a right handed person is trying to recall something, his/her eyes move up to the left side. Whereas, if a right handed person is lying, his/her eyes will move up in the opposite direction. Similarly, left handed people move their eyes up in the right side and move up on the left side while they are telling a lie. A person that is not telling the truth tends to blink eyes more than normal. The time span of the blink might be longer than normal and he/she may rub his/her eyelids to cover the truth.
These are some of the indications through which you can judge a person that whether he/she is telling the truth or not. But, these expressions are not visible when someone is lying online. A liar online can be a hacker that can harm you more than your imagination by stealing your personal records. For the purpose, no matter how skillful you are in pointing out the liar, you will not be able to. The wiser step is to opt for software that can Password Protect Folders; it will not allow the hacker to extract out your personal pictures, videos or documents.
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