Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lock Folders
Lock Folders

One of the industries that are extremely vulnerable regarding data security is the healthcare industry. The Healthcare industry has plenty of information of patients saved digitally; these records are saved in computers, smartphones, tablets or on the cloud server. With such heaps of data saved digitally, where it helps the healthcare sector to grow and prosper and helps in different sorts of research works, on the other hand, the patients’ data is always threatened to be breached. These records may cause some severe harm to those whose data has been leaked; even a victim of a data breach can be handcuffed due to some fraudulent activity performed with his essentials.

Risk assessment is a crucial element is data security. Hospitals have to be well aware of the flow of data, the data that flow out of the hospitals, risks it security and in the end can end up getting compromised. Hospitals should assess the risk that is linked to the flow of data; try to keep their data secure by using software that can Lock Folders. Apart from that, it is always necessary to educate the workers. Tell the staff of the employees that how important is to keep their patients’ data secure and how hazardous it can be if the records get breached.

The reason that the healthcare staff usually leaks data is that they do not pay much of an attention towards it as they think it has no sensitive information. The fact about which they are unaware is that they do not know that simple piece of information such as name, date of birth, social security number and contact details can be used to perform huge fraud activities. A person can issue a credit card with fake credentials and can default. Ultimately, the person will be in trouble that details are given to the bank. There have been many such cases. It is a basic responsibility of any company, whether a hospital or a multinational firm that it should protect the information that they have on people. Otherwise, the victims as well as the firm can be exposed to some serious losses.

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