Thursday, 20 March 2014

The severity of online security issues in the USA once again highlighted in the latest report issued by the Federal Trade Commission. In the year of 2013, the United States of America suffered a loss nearly of $1.6 billion due to a variety of types of frauds. The Federal Trade Commission reported that nearly 2 million reports were registered, out of them, 290,056 were related to identity theft, which calculated almost 14 percent of the total complaints received. The state of the United States of America that had struck the worse with these online attacks is Florida; almost 192 people were affected by this identity theft issue out of every 100,000, the number of complaints from the state of Florida was about 37,720. Nearly 61 percent of the complaints were registered by the top 10 states of the USA.
The victims of identity thefts had to face some expansive losses, as more than 98,000 of those theft identities were used in government documents and benefit frauds. About 50,000 of the stolen identities were used in some kind of credit card frauds and the other extracted data were used in different kinds of fraudulent activities that harm the affected computer users a lot. The only positive thing about this whole online crime scenario is that more than 61,000 people complained to police regarding the data breach incident. It means that people are getting aware about the sensitivity of losing their precious information.
This awareness can help their cause if they try some security measures such as using software that can Lock Folders, so that they do not have to ask the police for help as their data will be completely safe. Securing your data is your basic responsibility, if you do not take any step for the sake of your data’s security, you cannot blame any hacker or concerned authority for the loss of your information. Even the smallest piece of information can cause you some big losses if it falls into some wrong hands, be careful with your data security and stay yourself protected from heavy losses.
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