Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The perception that only large scale firms can be a victim of a data breach incident is changing with time. Now, small businesses are also aware of the importance of data they have and they want to make sure that their data remain secure. But, the most sophisticated of the data security tools are usually quite expansive that is unaffordable by the small firms. However, small businesses and individuals can also secure their data as there are some simple and cheap measures of securing data.
Carefully Manage Passwords
Password is probably the most underrated tool of securing data. Computer users tend to set simple passwords as they do not give any sort of importance to passwords. The proof of such non-serious attitude towards setting a password is that the most common password that users use for social media websites such as Facebook is “123456”. It’s a fact that people have to manage a number of passwords for different accounts, but, it does not mean that they set up such easy passwords. Passwords should be easy to remember, but, hard to guess. You cannot write your passwords somewhere, you have to memorize it, if you are an employer, you should manage your employee’s passwords.
Keep Portable Data Storing Devices Safe
The use of portable data storing devices facilitates computer users all around the globe, but, at the same time, these drives impose huge risks of data breach on your information. As portable drives such as USB flash drives have immense capability of storing data, but, their small size makes them prone to getting lost or stolen. An unsecured USB flash drive can make you suffer heavy loss as the majority of pen drives do not have any sort of built in security. To serve the purpose of protecting portable drives, you can use software that can Secure USB.
In the modern era of technology, no matter you are owner of a small business or an individual, you ought to make your data safe as the criminals these days are extremely good at exploiting every sort of information. It is better to take precaution than to cry over spilt milk.
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