Friday, 28 February 2014

You might use a computer to perform all your professional or academic tasks and you might feel helpless if the computer technology is taken away from you. That means you are a hardcore computer user and very well aware of the blessings of this computer technology. But, perhaps you are intentionally or may be unintentionally ignoring the huge threat of data security that imposes your data every second of the day. A general supposition is that there is no doubt that you are unaware of this mighty threat, it is just your thinking that your data is not at risk as you are not a famous personality of this planet.
When you secure your confidential files and folders that can be some records of your employer or some academic project, you need to consult with experts and make a proper plan for its security. Use specialist security software that can Lock Folders and can provide your data the much needed reliable security. You need to set some strong passwords and there are some rules put forward by the experts of setting passwords. Your password should be a complex combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, the combination ought to be hard to guess, but, relatively easy to remember.
It is important for you to realize that the less data you will the easier it will be to secure it. Do not just gather heaps and heaps of data as it will get difficult to maintain its proper security, instead, shred the files that have fulfilled their purpose. It is nothing more than your innocence or carelessness that you think your data is not under threat. Online criminals look for people like you that have data without any security measures; your data is a low hanging fruit for them, which they definitely want to enjoy. You might be thinking what a hacker do if he gets your data, these e-crooks have the capability of turning dust into gold, so be careful and secure your precious information.
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