Thursday, 30 January 2014

Producers are losing huge amounts of profits as people are streaming latest movies, series and songs online for free. Actors, producers, directors, singers and everybody related to those projects appeal people to buy the original content rather than the pirated one. There is a firm in US that lost half of its revenue due to the leakage of their licensed content as Wall Street claims. However, it is not necessary that if a person sees a movie or listens a song online does not mean he or she is enjoying it for free. Sometimes, the content uploaded can be bought by a company or person for the purpose.
Piracy is not just a problem of highly reputed directors, producers, actors or singers; actually, every person that is somehow related to a creative job is afraid of piracy. It is a terrible dream for a painter; writer or a poet that he makes or writes something by heart and it gets stolen and published with the name of some other person. In order to avoid such enormous trauma, it is better to use software that can provide your data Copy Protection, so that your work can only belong to you. It is the most terrible feeling when an artist sees his or her work published with the name of some other person and gets its credit.
Piracy is a crime that has some extreme punishments as per the laws of the countries that may differ from other countries. Piracy can be included in data theft as well as it imposes a huge threat to revenues so other acts also apply for it. People who publish or use this pirated material are not the only criminals, but also the people who utilize these pirated pieces are also at the fault. So stop using pirated content and opt for the licensed one.
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