Monday, 20 January 2014

The most known threat for computer users is the threat of hackers. Hackers are considered to be the worst villain for a computer user; these online criminals steal the precious data of the users and sell it to others or use it to perform fraudulent activities. So what steps should a computer user take to keep his or her data safe against these fierce hackers?
Keep your data encrypt
Your may consist your financial documents, your social security number, your debit card and credit and credit number and other types of data that hackers are always searching for. This financial information can lead you towards a number of expansive frauds. Experts advise users to encrypt sensitive data otherwise it can harm them big time. Using software that can Password Protect Folder and encrypt data can help your cause. The strength of encryption is well known by hackers that sometimes they access the database and instead of stealing data, they just encrypt it and ask for ransom money.
Protect your Wifi connection
Unsecured Wifi connections are like invitation cards to hackers to steal your data. Cyber crooks drive down the whole city in search for unsecured or negligibly secured Wifi connections, they use the powerful antennas fitted in car to reach database through unsecured hotspot. This technique of hackers is known as War driving. So, it is very necessary for computer users to keep their Wifi connection perfectly protected.
Keep your hardware secure
Every year a number of laptops, tablets and smart phones get lost or stolen. It is one of the core sources of leaking data. When you protect your hardware diligently, it will definitely help you securing your data. Millions of records get compromised annually.
The above were some of the basic precautions that can protect you from expansive loss in shape of loss of data as well as financial assets.
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