Friday, 7 August 2015

Ordinary smartphone users consider free WiFi as a blessing, however, they do not realize that this blessing can easily be turned into a curse if not used properly.

People love using unsecured public WiFi connections, they treat it as a blessing. They use it for socializing, they love to use it for all the different purposes. It is hard to believe that  they do not know about the threats associated with unsecured public WiFi. But, still, they keep using it without giving a second thought about it. Ignoring all the risks involved in it. They do not care much about their privacy being compromised or their data being leaked. They keep following the same trend. Here are some of the outcomes that you can face due to using these unsecured WiFi connections without any precautions.

App Lock & Gallery Vault

A team of data security experts conducted an experiment, where they offered a free WiFi connection. In less than 90 minutes, there were around 250 users connected. Some of them were intentionally connected and other were automatically connected. However, the team saw people sending and receiving emails, accessing different accounts and other similar activities. The team of the experts were easily able to see the text of the email along with the address of the sender and recipient. Moreover, even the password of the sender’s email addresses easily.

Another miserable thing that they observed among people is that they are least bothered about the terms and conditions to connect with the free WiFi. They never read it and just mark on ‘agree’. Even if you put a clause of surrounding your child for free WiFi, many people will agree to it without reading. Similarly, they can ask for your consent for breaking through into your smartphone, thus, if you are not using an App Lock, there can be some extremely disastrous outcomes. Well, in a nutshell, avoid using public WiFi, but, still, if you want to use, be ready with all the necessary tools to stay safe such as VPN, app lock and others.

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