Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Data security has become a major concern for all the computer users all around the globe. At any given moment, hundreds and thousands of devices are at the risk of being affected by hackers’ attacks.  It is not about only individual users or the businesses. Whether you hold your personal information on your computer or you are an entrepreneur and run a successful business, you need to be very careful with the data stored digitally. You need to maintain back of your data in a regular interval and to keep your system safe from viruses and other malware, antivirus in your way out.

As per statistics, nearly 72 percent of the businesses that experience some kind of data breach incidents get shut down with a span of 24 hours. These statistics clearly suggest that how lethal these incidents of information breach are. Being a business, you need to stay safe from these threats and protect your data  diligently. To serve the purpose, Folder Lock free download can save your business from shutting down in a day because of an incident of data breach. Otherwise, your business can be one of those 72 percent, which gets shut down within 24 hours after the occurrence of data breach.

One of the most common sources of leaking information other than the hack attacks is the employees themselves. Knowingly or unknowingly, they tend to leak sensitive records outside the organization. Using portable data storing devices to keep business related data and loosing them or getting them stolen is a definitely hazardous for the information security of your business. Employees are actually too illiterate regarding the importance and hazards of data security and it is your responsibility to educate them with respect to it. The principle is simple, you are responsible for keeping your trade secrets and other records protected and if they get leaked, no one else, but, you are the one, who is responsible for that.

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