Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The smartphone has been a great invention, it has made computing so easy that it was never before. However, it is not much healthy regarding the information security. These modern phones have imposed some real risks to your data security. There are nearly as many as 5 billion smartphones being used all around the globe. Furthermore, it is to be expected that the reliance of smartphone users will increase nearly by 41 percent in the next two years. The apps that are to be used widely all around the world in the upcoming years are the ones that offer their users an online backup.

The point of concern with the use of smartphones is its vulnerability towards information security. You might get surprised to know that smartphones worth nearly $30 million gets lost very year in the US alone. A jaw dropping fact is that in almost every 3.5 seconds, a smartphone is lost in New York. Nearly, 120,000 are lost in Chicago in just cabs and about 73 percent of all the victims. Who lose their phones get panicked. At an average, one in every ten Americans loses their smartphone every year. The user does not only suffer the loss of losing his/her phone, but, the bigger picture is that he/she suffers a brutal financial loss due to data leakage.

One of the main causes of data breach is due to the loss or damaged smartphone, i.e. nearly 29 percent. There are a huge number of devices that are stolen each year, especially from offices and conferences. These thefts are definitely not for the earning purpose, the main reason behind it to steal the information saved in it. Your smartphone might also have some data that will be quite confidential. If you are using an Android phone that has the weakest security, you can use Folder Lock Pro to keep your security intact. Securing your information, especially that is saved in your smartphones is extremely important. So, be wise and do not take any chances regarding data security.
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