Wednesday, 2 July 2014

All the portable computing devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or USB sticks are convenient to use, but, they also impose risk to your information security. The mobile computing devices such as laptops are able to store an immense amount of data, but, they are usually quite  insecure. They are prone to getting lost or stolen and if not cared properly, an unauthorized person can get his/her hands on that information.  Even when the device is in the owner’s custody, crooks can extract out information saved in it through unsecured WiFi connections and other techniques by online professional criminals.

The fear associated with the theft of laptops is not just that they are dear and hurt the user financially. But, a theft laptop can give the thief access to many of the user’s official accounts that contain sensitive information. If information related to email accounts, bank accounts or other kinds of account get leaked, it will surely give you a blow heavier than what you can actually imagine. You might have any confidential information saved on your laptop related to your business or personal life can also be extracted out. In order to make sure that even when your laptop is lost or stolen, your information saved in it does not get leaked, use Folder Lock, which is available at an amazing discount of 15% using the coupon code HOTDEAL.

It offers rapid data encryption with no complexity whatsoever that makes it extremely user friendly. It offers you dynamic lockers that means you do not have to worry about the locker size while securing information with it. In this era of technology, personal, financial or professional information is extremely precious. If a user is unable to secure it that means he or she is going to be in huge trouble. Different fraudulent activities can be performed with your credential, which will haunt you for not just days, but, throughout your life.
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