Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bill Gates— Was the Man A Hero or A Villain

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Bill Gates has contributed a lot in the field of the computer technology. He coded the most used Operating System for the computers i.e. Windows. Bill Gates was born in a rich family, his father was a lawyer. In his childhood, he was an extraordinary genius kid, later; he got admission in the great Harvard University. But, he did not find himself fit there and dropped out in the second year of graduation. And, his decision proved to be right and he engineered the most used Operating System. Having such a big contribution in the computer technology, Gates still gets mixed opinions, some consider him a hero and others consider he is a villain.
There is a school of thought that thinks that Bill Gates has blessed the world with the most amazing Operating System for the computer and should be praised for it. Bill gates believed in innovation and encouraged the innovation, but, still, he is considered to be a villain for creating a monopoly in his respective industry. There is a common thought about Bill Gates is that, if he would not have been in this industry, the computer technology, especially the Operating Systems would have been far better than what you have today. The Microsoft owner he said:
Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness.
He may have done some unethical acts in his business, but, you just cannot doubt his ideas of innovation as he has put forward some exciting versions of Windows and other necessary software. By launching the most stable and user friendly Windows Phone OS, he has again forced his critics to think a bit. For the wonderful Windows Operating System, Folder Lock for Windows Phone is perfect security measure to make your data secure that is saved in your WP. Folder Lock for Windows Phone allows you to a comprehensive security to every kind of data that you would like to save on your Windows Phone.
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